Debt Collection Agency Management
  • Agency Panel Registration and Approval
  • Agency Engagement Contract & Terms Management
  • Accounts Files & Cases Distribution to Outsourced Agencies
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Online Application Usage and Tracking of Agencies
  • Reports for Agencies
People are working together that indicate debt collection agency management

3rd Party Agency Management facilitates :

  • Agency Panel Registration
  • Agency Engagement Contract & Terms Management
  • Agency Files & Cases Distribution
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Online Access by 3rd Party Agencies
Kollect's 3rd party agency management facilitates

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Kollect Systems is an innovative tech platform provider with BankTech and FinTech software solutions which leverage AI based decisioning and workflow technologies to help lenders perform Debt Collections & Recovery (BankTech) processes effectively and for mid-size to large scale enterprise companies (FinTech), to automate Receivables, e-Invoicing & Payments better. Kollect Decube is an online platform to manage Data governance, compliance, lineage, data catalog and data observability for managing the Data Assets of an organization.