KollectValley for Finance (FinTech)

KollectValley automates Account Receivable Solution, Workflow Strategies with process automation (RPA), Receivables Analytics, e-Invoicing, Payment processing, Customer Portal via web & mobile and Invoice Financing.

KollectValley for Finance (FinTech) is a world class innovative Receivables, Analytics and Payments management platform

KollectValley for Finance (FinTech) platform automates the Accounts Receivable (A/R) solution, Workflow Strategies with process automation (RPA), Segmentation & Scoring, Receivables Analytics, e-Invoicing, Payment processing and Customer Portal via the web & mobile.

  • Get Paid Faster
  • Reduce Average Aging days or Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Improve Promise to Pay (PTP) Ratio
  • Aggregate multiple invoices and amounts due at a Group level which includes associate companies and subsidiaries
  • Increase “Total Collected vs Total Billed”
  • Leverage Sales team to collect more with mobile app
  • Empower Customers via Self-service Portal
  • Enable Invoice payments online and credit cards
  • Support treasury processes of updating payments back to ERP
  • Invoice Financing Aggregation by providing choices of Invoice financiers to receive validated Invoices

KollectValley forFinance (FinTech) integrates with multiple ERPs and Accounting systems including SAP (ECC &B1), IFCA, MS Dynamics, Netsuite,IFS, AutoCount,XERO, Salesforce, MYOB, Quickbooks,Sage (UBS & 300 ACCPAC), SQL Account and many more. KollectValley alsointegrates with Telco and Utilities billing systems (ieBSCS, Arbor,etc.)

The New Mantra

For Better Cash Flow Management

Revolutionizing our revenue approach is crucial for relevance in today's landscape. KollectValley for Finance (FinTech) is at the forefront of this transformation. It automates Accounts Receivable (A/R) with cutting-edge solutions like Workflow Automation, Segmentation & Scoring, e-Invoicing, and Payment processing. The platform empowers customers through a web & mobile Customer Portal, enabling them to manage portfolios independently and make seamless payments with just a click.

In this paradigm shift from traditional to modern receivables management, the critical elements include reminding customers early about our processes, leveraging our sales team for collections, automating accounts receivable processes for efficiency, allowing customer portfolio management, and enabling convenient online payments at their fingertips. This holistic approach ensures not only efficiency but also customer empowerment at every touchpoint.

Kollect new mantra for better cash flow management that measure everything
KollectValley ERP Interfaces Built with KollectIntegrator
SAP Malaysia Sdb Bhd
SAP Business One
Sage UBS Accounting
Sage UBS Accounting
Sage 300 ERP
IFCA Software
Salesforce Inc
Salesforce Inc
Salesforce Inc
Salesforce Inc

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Kollect Systems is an innovative tech platform provider with BankTech and FinTech software solutions which leverage AI based decisioning and workflow technologies to help lenders perform Debt Collections & Recovery (BankTech) processes effectively and for mid-size to large scale enterprise companies (FinTech), to automate Receivables, e-Invoicing & Payments better. Kollect Decube is an online platform to manage Data governance, compliance, lineage, data catalog and data observability for managing the Data Assets of an organization.