Customer Portal

  • Customer Self-service portal for online access to Invoices, SOA and other information
  • Customers are able to provide online promise to pay and other interactions, without human intervention
  • Information access is available via the web application and mobile
  • e-Invoices and e-SOA easily emailed to the customers
  • Online e-invoicing adheres to PEPPOL standards for online Invoice exchange in XML
  • e-Invoices and SOA are rendered as PDF for the end Customer to review

Self-Service Customers Are Seeking To :

  • View their own Invoices Details Online
  • View & download SOA online
  • Make Promise to Pay (PTP) – Online, not on the phone in person
  • Pay Invoices Online (via Bank or Cards)
  • File Complaints, Issues or Disputes – Online
  • Track pending statuses on Issues raised – via Internet

Easy access to Customer Invoice Details

Easy to use export function to extract Invoice Details

Easy option to make payment for one or multiple invoices

Easy option to make payment for one or multiple invoices for multiple subsidiaries

Payment Gateway enablement :

  • Provides a built-in payments workflow for payment initiation to execution (maker-checker)
  • Supports multiple payment gateways for direct online banking payments
  • Supports credit cards payments for invoices online

Proof of Payment :

  • Payments made by the Customers via the Bank’s CDM, can still be linked to the Invoice(s) via KollectValley, online.
  • Minimize the dependencies on personal in-boxes of email or Whatsapp that store bank payment deposit slips.
  • Put everything online for easy storage and retrieval.

Dispute History Console :

  • The Dispute History console allows the customer to raise and track any dispute(s) via the portal which is escalated to the Paradigm team.
  • The Dispute Summary provides a listing of all disputes along with its associated dispute details.
  • The customer is able to Add Messages to existing In Progress disputes to interact with Paradigm’s internal team on the dispute.
  • Selecting the Treatment ID would invoke a pop-up with all the details of the Dispute raised including the supporting documents uploaded.

Adjustments & Rebates :

  • Allows for the Customer to request for specific adjustments to be made to an Invoice
  • Generates a CN / DN to be posted back to the ERP
  • Ensures reduced errors or issues with billings

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